Pre Qualified Vs Pre Approved Mortgage

Shopping for a home can be tedious. Besides trying to find your dream house, there’s getting a pre qualified vs pre approved mortgage.I can hear you now… Isn’t being pre qualified the same as being pre approved?It turns out they're both very different.One is a good indication of creditworthiness and an estimate of what you can afford. And the other? Well, that’s one step closer to approval and can make it easier to buy a home.What is the Difference Between Pre Qualified vs Pre Approved? When considering a pre approval vs pre qualified mortgage, a pre qualification is the first step [...]

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What is PMI? Breaking it down

Like many terms in the real estate industry, it can be hard to really get a handle on what a term like "PMI" means, but we’re breaking down the facts behind PMI once and for all. Read on to see what it actually means, how it works, and why it may have gotten a bad rap. So, what exactly is PMI? “PMI” stands for Private Mortgage Insurance. These days, it’s common for lenders to require it in order to be approved for a mortgage if you plan on putting less than 20% down on the home. Since buyers who make [...]

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Been turned down 4 times? Don’t give up…

When you REALLY want something so bad you can TASTE IT, sometimes you just have to keep at it until it gets done. Even when it’s not easy. Can you relate? We recently had a borrower who came to us feeling a little beat up. He had been turned down for a mortgage loan not once, or twice, or three times. Yes… he had been turned down by 4 other lenders. But he REALLY wanted this house for his family! So he stuck it out. He found us. Self Employed Borrowers Have It Rough Self employed business owners are the [...]

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The brighter side of a divorce

Divorce is awful. There’s no other way to describe it. More than half of the people you’ll meet today have been through a divorce. Maybe even you. As much agony as families have with divorce, sometimes there’s a bright side. The part that comes after… after healing, after a reset. The kind of hope that comes with a 2nd chance. That’s exactly the kind of bright side that we helped one borrower have recently.  Removing a Spouse from a Mortgage Post Divorce She came to us after the divorce. We had helped her and her ex-husband buy the home they [...]

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Can Netflix help you get mortgaged and married?

Summary: If you have bad credit stopping you from getting a mortgage and pay rent or pay for Netflix, we may be able to use these payments to show your solid credit worthiness! We see it all the time… that certain look in a borrower's eyes when they’ve been turned down for a mortgage loan in the past. It’s a lack of confidence. An “I’ll give it one more shot” kind of look. We love meeting these types of folks. Folks that never give up. Folks like a recent borrower of ours who came to us for that “last shot”. [...]

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Sight Unseen

Quick… think of some things you’d sign up for “sight unseen”. Buying a book on Amazon? Probably. Buying a bottle of a brand of whiskey you’ve never tried before? Maybe. Buying a new car without driving it? OK probably not. What about getting a mortgage loan or buying a house? Sounds scary? It doesn’t have to be! Buying a Memphis Home While Stationed in Japan We recently worked with an active duty military borrower who was being relocated to Memphis from where he’s been stationed in Japan. He was looking for a VA loan for his young family as they [...]

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Learning to Love Technology: 3 Tips That Will Help You to Embrace Home Automation

Are you still using a key to unlock your door and twisting a dial on the wall to set the temperature? Home automation technology has made considerable strides in the past couple of years so it might be time to invest. In today’s blog post we will explore three tips that can help those looking to make the leap into a fully automated home. Tip #1: Start With Home Security And Go From There Installing a modern home security system is the perfect place to start with home automation. Does your home already have an alarm? If so, it’s likely [...]

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