Best VA Loan Rates with a 680 to 710 Credit Score

Every American dreams of a nice home to raise a family in.   The process of finding a home and obtaining the financing to purchase that home has been identified as one of the three most stressful experience you will have in your life.   For your military service to our country, the Federal government has provided you the VA loan program with the goal of making the home buying experience as simple and stress free as possible.   We’ll be honest with you, the process can be overwhelming but we will alleviate many of those fears and questions in this article as we explain how you [...]

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Best VA Loan Rates with 640-670 Credit Score

Every family deserves a home, especially our military families and veterans. The home buying experience can cause many sleepless nights, not being sure if you have enough money saved, whether you can afford the home of your dreams and who you can trust to help you through the process are common concerns. The Wendy Thompson Lending Team is committed to making this process as seamless as possible and after spending 15 minutes reading this article you will have a sound understanding the Best VA Loan Rates with a 640 to 670 credit score. We will review the Best VA Loan [...]

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Best VA Loan Rates for 600 to 630 Credit Score (Plus Approval Tips)

Buying a home is stressful enough, let alone trying to find a mortgage lender you can trust.   After reading this article you will know more about the amazing Wendy Thompson Lending Team and their track record for unparralled expertise in the loan industry.  We also will explain how they will get you the best VA Loan Rates for 600 to 630 credit score.   We will review the Best VA Loan Rates by Credit Scores of 600, 610, 620 and 630; along with discussing practical tips on how to increase your credit score quickly and how this can greatly benefit your pocket book. Best VA Loan Rates for [...]

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Best VA Loan Rates By Credit Score In 2018

Looking for a home is very time consuming and finding the right loan can be paramount to buying your home and closing on time. . But did you know: Finding the best va loan rates can be easy when you know your credit score, how it will affect your rates and ways to increase your credit score for lower rates.  Today I will go over the minimum credit score for a va loan, the different va loan rates by credit score, as well as a few tips on how to increase your score and get approved for va home loans.What Is A [...]

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The hidden cost of renting & waiting to buy

As a renter or first time home buyer, it’s easy to look at home ownership as potentially expensive. You’ve got home maintenance, insurance, repairs, landscaping and any number of things which may require money to maintain. But here’s the thing that almost NO ONE REALIZES: When you rent, there is a cost involved in waiting. And it’s a HUGE number. Way bigger than you think. That’s why I bought a home as early as I could. And it’s why I’ve encouraged MY OWN children to buy their first home’s as early as possible. It’s the COST OF WAITING! Forget hundreds, [...]

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Why Closing an Old Account Can DROP Your Score

It’s a popular opinion amongst those who work with any lines of credit that logic is discarded as often as possible. We’ve seen plenty of cases where someone was utterly dismayed when presented with the information that paying off something like a five-year automobile note actually lowered their score up to 40 points.  Why Does This Happen? The pure and simple answer is completely counterintuitive (see first sentence of blog) but here it is: The bureaus would rather you show consistent payments over years and decades than to succinctly pay it off. The older the trade line the more you [...]

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How NOT to Lose $50,000 When Buying a Home

Last Thursday afternoon was humming along when my phone rang. It was a past client. She sounded stressed. “Hey, are you still in the mortgage business?” she asked. “Why yes!” I said. “I’m about to lose $50,000 because these people can’t get my loan closed, and my contract expires in a week”. Yikes. The Anatomy of a $50k Mistake Our client thought they were in a good spot. They were selling their prior home and had PLENTY of money to put down on the new one. So much, in fact, that they gave the seller a $50k deposit! The problem [...]

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Been turned down 4 times? Don’t give up…

When you REALLY want something so bad you can TASTE IT, sometimes you just have to keep at it until it gets done. Even when it’s not easy. Can you relate? We recently had a borrower who came to us feeling a little beat up. He had been turned down for a mortgage loan not once, or twice, or three times. Yes… he had been turned down by 4 other lenders. But he REALLY wanted this house for his family! So he stuck it out. He found us. Self Employed Borrowers Have It Rough Self employed business owners are the [...]

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Quick Close – No problem

A recent client of ours found her dream house in Memphis, TN. It had everything she wanted; a one of a kind house. She knew which rooms the kids would be in. She knew what changes she wanted to make to the house all their own. She could feel what it was going to be like to have her family living in this new house. It would be theirs in about a week. Their loan was approved. They were packing. And just like that… it almost vanished. The Call Nobody Wants Just 7 days before the closing, their lender called. [...]

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Little house. Big family. Happy parents.

It’s hard to really put down roots with your family when you’re renting. It’s someone else’s house. You know it & the kids know it. For families with kids, buying a home is so important to really establishing your “story” as a family. You can start to really make friends. It’s where you create memories. What does a first time homebuyer look like? A lot of first time homebuyers we see are young people just starting out. Maybe they’re single and buying a home. Sometimes they’re soon-to-be or recently married. Every once in awhile we hear from a family with [...]

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