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Feel GOOD about your Mortgage!

Compare, Offer & Close with CONFIDENCE when you work with the Wendy Thompson Team

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Maybe you’re buying a home, maybe you’re refinancing. But the real question is… what’s your next step?

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About the Wendy Thompson team

Since 2001, the Wendy Thompson Team’s professionalism and integrity have become widely known through the many clients and realtors they have served. They work diligently to help you easily get through the sometimes “nerve-racking process” and are hands-on every step of the way.

Their expert understanding of the mortgage market combined with their “big picture view” of what each client’s needs and goals are, make them one of the most sought out teams both locally and nationally. They are known for taking the time to explain the mortgage process and go through various options that save their clients time and money. They actively watch mortgage markets to assist their clients in knowing the best time to lock in an interest rate.

The Wendy Thompson Team are easily accessible and allow their clients to complete the process faster and with excellent communication at all stages.

One of our specialties is helping veterans.  Be sure to see our resources on VA loans.

On a more Personal Note, Beau has been married to Wendy for over 19 years and has a 16-year-old son named Tate. They are the proud owners of Tucker, a Yellow Lab. He is somewhat of a Netflix addict and loves learning new things. He is also a huge animal lover and never passes up an opportunity to help someone or something in need.

“Providing the Extraordinary Mortgage Experience”- The Wendy Thompson Lending Team