The hidden cost of renting & waiting to buy

As a renter or first time home buyer, it’s easy to look at home ownership as potentially expensive.You’ve got home maintenance, insurance, repairs, landscaping and any number of things which may require money to maintain.But here’s the thing that almost NO ONE REALIZES:When you rent, there is a cost involved in waiting.And it’s a HUGE number.Way bigger than you think.That’s why I bought a home as early as I could. And it’s why I’ve encouraged MY OWN children to buy their first home’s as early as possible.It’s the COST OF WAITING!Forget hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.When you do the [...]

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10 Home Improvement Projects that Add Value to Your Home

We’ve heard before that being a homeowner doesn’t always necessarily mean that your home is an investment. Homeownership can be expensive once you factor in the cost of a mortgage, taxes, insurance, and repairs. If you want your primary residence to become more of an investment, you can increase your home’s value and obtain more equity. One fun way to do this is by completing house projects that add value to your home.If you’re looking to upgrade your home and add some more value, here are 10 DIY home improvement projects to consider. 1. remodel your kitchenSome people say the kitchen can [...]

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Buying a Memphis home this spring? The time to start is NOW!

We’re just a few days into 2020 and I’ll bet you’re thinking about your big plans for this year. If you’re even THINKING about buying a home in the greater Memphis area this spring, the time to start the process is NOW! Springtime Real Estate in Memphis The real estate industry is definitely “seasonal”, and spring just might be the busiest time of year to buy a home. Why? Well, there are a few reasons… First of all, Spring is a good time to start buying because the kids get out of school in May. So if you want to [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Home in Memphis

Are you starting the journey to home-ownership in Memphis? Congratulations! This exciting time can also be quite overwhelming if you’re unfamiliar or going it alone. That’s why I’ve created the ULTIMATE guide to Buying a Home in Memphis. This guide contains everything you need to know about the process plus a few inside tips and tricks I’ve picked up in my 17+ years in the Memphis Real Estate industry. Knowledge is power so, educate yourself before diving into buying a home in Memphis! The ULTIMATE Guide Contact Us Our wish for you is to find the home of your dreams [...]

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How NOT to Lose $50,000 When Buying a Home

Last Thursday afternoon was humming along when my phone rang. It was a past client. She sounded stressed. “Hey, are you still in the mortgage business?” she asked. “Why yes!” I said. “I’m about to lose $50,000 because these people can’t get my loan closed, and my contract expires in a week”. Yikes. The Anatomy of a $50k Mistake Our client thought they were in a good spot. They were selling their prior home and had PLENTY of money to put down on the new one. So much, in fact, that they gave the seller a $50k deposit! The problem [...]

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Little house. Big family. Happy parents.

It’s hard to really put down roots with your family when you’re renting. It’s someone else’s house. You know it & the kids know it. For families with kids, buying a home is so important to really establishing your “story” as a family. You can start to really make friends. It’s where you create memories. What does a first time homebuyer look like? A lot of first time homebuyers we see are young people just starting out. Maybe they’re single and buying a home. Sometimes they’re soon-to-be or recently married. Every once in awhile we hear from a family with [...]

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