Divorce is awful. There’s no other way to describe it.

More than half of the people you’ll meet today have been through a divorce. Maybe even you.

As much agony as families have with divorce, sometimes there’s a bright side. The part that comes after… after healing, after a reset.

The kind of hope that comes with a 2nd chance.

That’s exactly the kind of bright side that we helped one borrower have recently.

 Removing a Spouse from a Mortgage Post Divorce

She came to us after the divorce. We had helped her and her ex-husband buy the home they were living in. She was keeping the home, but she had to refinance it to get his name off it the mortgage.

Just getting that done is one type of closure that allows for healing to start.

But as we talked about her post-divorce life, I suggested she look at not just refinancing to take off her ex, but also maybe doing some debt consolidation and cash out.

Divorce is expensive. For everyone.

And looking at her financial situation, she had enough equity in her home to consolidate her first and 2nd mortgages, payoff some consumer debt, get out from under an upside down car, and even had a little cash out at the end.

The Fresh Start

Consolidating all these bills into one note was a tremendous savings to her from a monthly expense standpoint. She finally had some breathing room.

But the combination of taking her ex off the note, claiming the house as her own and consolidating her debt into a note she could easily afford was the breath of fresh air she needed.

The reset button.

The fresh start.

If you know someone who could use a fresh start, please have them reach out to us today!