If Christmas turned out to be more expensive than you thought, you’re not alone.

The unfortunate truth is that many families are avoiding the mailbox in January knowing their credit card bills will eventually show up.

Thanks Santa!??

If you find yourself in this situation, there’s hope.

You may be able to use your home’s equity to pay off credit card bills or other debt to give you the fresh start you want in 2020.

But there’s a catch. Sort of…

All of the signs point to rising interest rates, so your window to get a super-low rate may be closing fast!

Rates May Be Going Up Soon

It’s all over the news right now that 2020 will likely be a year of mortgage rate increases. This comes from third party industry experts, so please take note!

If you’re even THINKING about refinancing your home to help consolidate debt or get cash out (for things like Christmas expenses), NOW is the time to act.

When you get all the details for your specific situation, a refinance may make a TON of sense for paying off high-interest credit card bills & other debt.

Here are a few reasons a refinance may help

  • Consolidate multiple payments into 1 fixed payment
  • Improve your overall monthly debt structure
  • Take a tax deduction on the mortgage interest rather than paying the credit card company
  • Start repaying principle instead of just making minimum payments
  • Take advantage of historically low interest rates before they rise

A 15 Minute Phone Call Answers A Lot of Questions

Because you’re a client of ours, I’d like to offer you a free consultation to see if your mortgage or home equity may be able to help you get some relief in 2020.

All it takes is a 15 minute phone call.

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