The government has FHA all mixed up… They call it “Federal Housing Administration”, but this year we’re calling it “FAH” which is “Families at Home (for the Holidays)”!

That’s because this past month, we had one of the most heartwarming stories we’ve ever had…

A young couple came to us wanting to buy a home. They were a sweet couple, hardworking and good renters with a baby on the way.

The problem? They had limited credit… like no-scores credit.

Now, in some cases we work on building credit for these types of borrowers. But for this couple we wound up being able to do the loan in both of their names because the borrower did have just enough credit to make a difference.

They got their loan approval, went house shopping and had their first offer accepted! They closed quickly, and were moved into the house just in time to celebrate Christmas in their own home for the first time!

Thanks to the courage of this young couple to pursue buying their first home, they will bring their first child into a family home of their very own!

We believe that mortgages are not just transactions… they put families in homes. And this little Christmas gift just made our year!