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Are you looking for a Cookeville TN Mortgage Broker? Are you considering to renew or refinancing your house? Our Lending Company in Cookevillet TN can help you make the right decisions about your future.

We take pride in helping our clients find the best mortgages in Cookeville TN and make your dreams come true with a little cash in their hands.

Best Mortgage Broker Cookeville TN

While home loan rates keep on fluctuating, the interest rates are still better than at almost any other time over the last 30 years. Potential Tennessee homeowners should get the bigger picture. This means now is a great time to purchase or refinance a home in Cookeville TN.

However, make sure you’re working with a professional and experienced mortgage consultant. The biggest investment in your life is too important to leave in the hands of an inexperienced person who is not capable of giving you proper advice or solving any issues that might arise along the way.

This is one of the biggest and most important investments you’ll ever make in your entire life. You might do this just a few times in your life, but we do this on a day-to-day basis! It is your home and your future at stake. Our team of mortgage advisors is ready to work with you to help you achieve your goals.

Mortgage Lenders Cookeville

Whether you are looking to buy a new house, refinance your existing home mortgage, get a FHA or VA loan, or take out a HELOC or home equity loan, we are ready to educate and empower you towards your financial and homeownership goals with your best interests at heart.

Matching you to the best home loan product requires expertise and experience. Our Cookeville TN brokerage firm provides excellent products and exceptional service. We handle every detail and get you to the closing table with a home loan that suits your unique monetary needs.

Types of Mortgage Refinance Loans

FHA Mortgages

The FHA mortgage plan is one of the best ways first time homebuyers can realize their homeownership dreams whether they have cash constraints and credit history issues. These home loans are quite easy to apply and qualify for and are intended to help you make your dream of home ownership come true.

If you’re wondering whether FHA home loan is ideal for you, here are a few things to consider:

Qualifying for this loan product is easy. Moreover, you can secure this loan facility even if your credit history is less than perfect.

Low down payment: you can qualify for a FHA loan with as little as 3.5% of the overall purchase price as your down payment.

Competitive interest rates: FHA loans come with low interest rates to help home buyers pay off their monthly payments.

VA Loan

Designed for eligible veterans and active duty military or their surviving spouses, VA loans are insured by the Veterans Administration and provide eligible borrowers a home mortgage loan that requires little or even no down payment.

Jumbo Loans

As the name suggests, jumbo loans are bigger than conforming loans. These loans are designed for high-income earners who are looking to purchase homes that are priced higher than the conforming limits. If you are looking to purchase such a home, then a jumbo mortgage loan might be right for you.

There are several benefits associated with jumbo mortgages. Firstly, they are large loans designed for large homes. If you are looking to finance the purchase a big property, a jumbo mortgage can help. Secondly, most lenders won’t require mortgage insurance, which would be a nightmare for that kind of loan. When it comes to large properties (and large loans), we can provide you with all the information you need to make the right decision.

Home Equity Loan

A home equity is a kind of mortgage designed to borrow money by using home value as collateral. A home equity loan allows you to borrow cash for any purpose, from home improvements to financing a child’s college education.

On the other hand, a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) might offer greater flexibility. With a HELOC, you have a given amount of money to borrow and pay off, but you can lower your mortgage rate since you pay interest only on the amount you take when you need it.

Cookeville Mortgage Rates

Fixed or Adjustable Rates

When looking for a home loan, you can choose either fixed rate or adjustable rate mortgages.  When it comes to a fixed rate mortgage, the interest rate won’t change. However, the interest rate on the adjustable mortgage loan changes depending on the rate adjustment limits and the loan terms.

Why You Need to Compare Rates

Keep in mind that interest rates might change every day or even every hour. Therefore, be sure to compare interest rates offered by multiple lenders. You should also compare lender to lender fees. These charges are controlled by lenders.

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About Wendy Thompson

Wendy has been in the mortgage business since 2001 and is nationally ranked as a top producer. Her professionalism and integrity are widely known through the many clients and realtors she has worked with over the years. She works diligently to get through the sometimes nerve racking process and is hands on every step of the way. Wendy’s expert understanding of the mortgage market combined with her “big picture view” of what each client’s needs and goals are, make her one of the most sought after in her field. She is known for taking the time to explain the mortgage process and go through various options that saves her clients time and money. She actively watches mortgage markets to assist her clients in knowing the best time to lock in an interest rate.

Wendy & her team are easily accessible and allow their clients to complete the process faster and with excellent communication at all stages.

Most people still prefer to do business with someone they can meet with face to face. While she may initially talk on the phone or email back and forth, she intends to follow these business traditions so that the customer feels comfortable and familiar with her during the loan process.

On a More Personal Note:

Wendy has been married to Beau for over 18 years and has a 15 year old son named Tate. They are the proud owners of Tucker, a Yellow Lab. She is somewhat of a Netflix addict and loves learning new things. She is a huge animal lover and never passes up an opportunity to help someone or something in need.

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