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Conventional Loans

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The Ins and Outs of Conventional Loans

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Here are a few insider secrets we’ve learned about conventional loans:

  • It’s perfectly acceptable to talk to a lender before you pick a house or a Realtor

  • The first 5 days you’re under contract are the most important. So don’t delay!
  • An online application is a great start, but nothing beats a 15 minute phone call to understand your options.
  • A low rate doesn’t mean anything unless your loan actually closes and have the best loan for you!
  • You CAN get everything the online lenders promise from a local lender
  • A lot of lenders make promises but not everyone delivers. Check for things like online reviews as proof.

Conventional Loan Basics

  • Low down payments are available, but require private mortgage insurance (PMI)

  • 20% down payment is typically required to avoid PMI

  • Requires good or excellent credit

  • Rates are generally slightly higher than FHA, VA or USDA Loans

Areas We Serve

  • Arlington

  • Bartlett

  • Collierville

  • Eads

  • Germantown

  • Lakeland

  • Memphis

  • Millington

  • Tipton County:

  • Atoka

  • Brighton

  • Fayette County:

  • Oakland

  • Somerville

  • Decatur County:

  • Decaturville

  • Parsons

  • Haywood County:
  • Brownsville

  • Haywood County:
  • Brownsville

  • Lexington County:
  • Chesterfield

  • Lexington

  • Madison County:
  • Jackson

  • Gibson County:
  • Dyer

  • Humboldt

  • Medina

  • Milan

  • Trenton

  • Yorkville

  • Mississippi:
  • Olive Branch

  • Southaven