When you REALLY want something so bad you can TASTE IT, sometimes you just have to keep at it until it gets done. Even when it’s not easy.

Can you relate?

We recently had a borrower who came to us feeling a little beat up.

He had been turned down for a mortgage loan not once, or twice, or three times. Yes… he had been turned down by 4 other lenders.

But he REALLY wanted this house for his family!

So he stuck it out. He found us.

Self Employed Borrowers Have It Rough

Self employed business owners are the backbone of America.

But when it comes time to borrower money, mortgage lenders often treat them like they’ve got some sort of contagious disease…

We’ll never understand why.

Maybe it’s because they’ve got a lot of paperwork.

Maybe it’s because they’ve got a lot of obligations and responsibilities?

Sure, it’s complicated. But so what? We’re mortgage lending PROFESSIONALS, right?

This particular borrower had the misfortune of finding 4 lenders in a row that just couldn’t figure out how to calculate his income.

And these weren’t some fly by night lenders either. It was 2 big local banks and 2 other local lenders (who shall all remain nameless for this story). 

Self Employed Happy Endings

The good news is, our clients found US!

They had good credit.

They had saved some money for a down payment.

They even had reserves.

What they were missing was a lending team that REALLY UNDERSTANDS self employed borrowers and how to calculate income.

Got amortization? No problem. 

Got depreciation? We can handle that.

Got mileage? Bring it on.

If you’ve got more schedules on your tax returns than children, we can help !

We are SO happy to help people achieve their dreams of home ownership, even when it’s not easy.

After all, we believe that hard work can take you anywhere you want to go, but sometimes you just need a little help.