Who’s The Best Mortgage Lender in Memphis, TN?

Updated for 2019

Here’s How to Find Out 

So, you’re about to start the home buying process and you’re scouring Google to find out “who’s the best mortgage lender in Memphis”.

It’s a fair question.

After all, every mortgage lender promises the moon and seems to offer all the same rates & loan products, so how do you decide which one is “the best”? 

What Makes a Mortgage Lender “The Best”?

The home buying process can be, well, a process. You want someone on your side who will actually deliver all the stuff they promise on their website.

But how do you “verify” that?

If you’re lucky, you may get a personal recommendation from a friend or family member. But where do you turn when that’s not an option?

That’s easy. Turn to an independent way of determining who the best lender is & make customer reviews your BEST FRIEND.

Which Reviews Are Important for Mortgage Lenders 

If you wanted to find a great restaurant, you turn to Yelp. But if you want to checkout mortgage lenders, you need to look at Google, Facebook & Zillow for verified reviews!

Google Reviews for Mortgage Lenders in Memphis

A quick Google search of “mortgage lenders in Memphis TN” shows some interesting numbers.

There are a few lenders with 6 or 7 Google reviews.

But then you’ll see our profile with over 100! And the part we’re most proud of is our average rating on those 100+ reviews is a 5.0.

You may be able to fake 2-3 Google reviews from friends and family. You can’t fake 100!

No other mortgage lender in Memphis, TN has even a fraction of the number of reviews that we do.

We’re not bragging! These are verified, third party reviews from Google.


Zillow is a powerful real estate site, and any serious real estate professional has invested time and effort to work on their profile.

Do a quick search on Zillow for mortgage lenders in Memphis, TN.

A few lenders have made more effort to cultivate reviews on Zillow than Google. You’ll see quite a few lenders with 40 and 50 reviews. One lender even has 107 reviews.

But if you scan, you’ll see our profile there with 122 reviews – the most of any local Memphis lender on Zillow.

Facebook Reviews

Using Facebook to see “who’s the best” can be a little harder simply because Facebook doesn’t function like Google or Zillow from a search standpoint.

Plus, you’ve got a few social metrics on Facebook which you can look at which are Page Likes (the number of people who “liked” a page), and Reviews.

Page Likes can be bought through advertising, so they’re not a reliable metric of whether or not a business is “good”.

However, if you look at some of these same local Memphis lenders you saw on Google or Zillow, you’ll see a similar trend with Facebook reviews.

We’re proud to have 75+ five-star Facebook reviews from real people, just like you..

Take the Next Step!

If you’re in the home buying market, don’t take our word for it.

Do your research.

Read the reviews of hundreds of happy home-owners we’ve helped. Then, make the call!

Give us a call today, (901) 461-8858!