Can Netflix help you get mortgaged and married?

We see it all the time… that certain look in a borrower's eyes when they’ve been turned down for a mortgage loan in the past. It’s a lack of confidence. An “I’ll give it one more shot” kind of look. We love meeting these types of folks. Folks that never give up. Folks like a recent borrower of ours who came to us for that “last shot”. They were trying to buy their first home but had been turned down 3 times in the last few months. Someone told him he might still be able to get a loan from [...]

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Sight Unseen

Quick… think of some things you’d sign up for “sight unseen”. Buying a book on Amazon? Probably. Buying a bottle of a brand of whiskey you’ve never tried before? Maybe. Buying a new car without driving it? OK probably not. What about getting a mortgage loan or buying a house? Sounds scary? It doesn’t have to be! Buying a Memphis Home While Stationed in Japan We recently worked with an active duty military borrower who was being relocated to Memphis from where he’s been stationed in Japan. He was looking for a VA loan for his young family as they [...]

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Learning to Love Technology: 3 Tips That Will Help You to Embrace Home Automation

Are you still using a key to unlock your door and twisting a dial on the wall to set the temperature? Home automation technology has made considerable strides in the past couple of years so it might be time to invest. In today’s blog post we will explore three tips that can help those looking to make the leap into a fully automated home. Tip #1: Start With Home Security And Go From There Installing a modern home security system is the perfect place to start with home automation. Does your home already have an alarm? If so, it’s likely [...]

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